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Rabbits in the wild are very busy foraging, reproducing, and defending their territory.

Captive rabbits have more free time which potentially can lead to behavioural issues.

Time on our hands, never a good thing.







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CTV News Stox sells written transcripts, DVDs and stock footage of all programs produced by the award winning CTV News group.

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A dynamic moving image library licensing news, sports and documentary stock footage from around the globe.

Specializing in Canadian content, CTV offers exclusive and unique material reaching back almost 50 years.

News bureaus in South Asia, Jerusalem, Los Angeles, Washington, London and Beijing all contribute to this vibrant video collection.

CTV's anthology, including HD footage, is ever-growing and boasts a wide array of scenics, culture, history, industry, politics and people.

CTV offers bulk discounts and free search options, so for your footage needs, turn to CTV News Stox and put a stock in it.