A Hockey Summit

by chrisk 26. September 2012 22:05

It was the Summit Series between Canada and the Soviet Union. Team Canada, made up of the NHL’s greatest stars was supposed to clean the ice with their Soviet counterparts. Instead, the Soviets put up a strong fight, stunning  the Canadians 7-3 in the Series opener and challenging them every step of the way. Canada fought back to even things up, but it wasn’t over yet. The deciding match, Game 8, took place in Moscow on September 28, 1972.

Down 5-3 after two periods, Canada surged back in the third, with goals by Phil Esposito and Yvan Cournoyer . With 34 seconds left in the game, Paul Henderson scored what Foster Hewitt called, “the goal heard around the world” to capture the game and the Series.

In this excerpt from W5, Paul Henderson, teammate Phil Esposito and coach Barry Sinden comment on the Series from Moscow.




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